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Why Poland?


Poland is a beautiful and very interesting country in Central Europe. Its area extends across several geographic regions, so you’ll find the treasures of nature – the Baltic Seacoast, lakes and mountains. Poland is also a big tourist attraction, offering not only places and monuments of world’s renown (of which 14 are UNESCO World Heritage Sites), but also those less known, as picturesque villages, architectural gems and hundreds of other places to visit.

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Something to watch

Polska - where the unbelievable happens

Stadium made of amber, duel of medieval knights, a dragon that lives in a cave and a sleeping stone giant - it is all waiting for tourists who dare to come to our country.

Something to watch

Kraków – City made of moments

The newest official promo movie, made in hyperlapse technique, shows beauty of our city and places you must see during your visit to Krakow.