Poland’s Most Beautiful Wooden Prayer Houses

Discover 10 timber-scented wonders of Polish architecture Poland’s. They disappear from our landscapes so quickly, because they burn down year after year – Stanisław Wyspiański wrote about wooden churches in a letter to his friend. Culture.pl presents ten timber-scented wonders of Polish architecture. The church in Chotyniec Mother of God Church in...
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Lady with an Ermine

Lady has left the building

Leonardo da Vinci “Lady with an Ermine” has left chambers Wawel Royal Castle, where she spent last 5 years. Since 18th of May the painting is displayed in the Main Building of the National Museum in Krakow. The most valuable painting of Leonardo da Vinci in Polish collection was purchased ca. 1800 in Italy, by Adam Jerzy, the son of Princess Izabela...
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Poland – about the country It is believed that Poland appears on the map of Europe in 960. It is located in the north of Eastern Europe and is situated on a cultural crossroads between the East and the West. Poland’s strategic location has left deep traces in the culture, traditions and cuisine of this country. Poland is bordered on the east by Belarus and...
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Top Exhibitions Worth Seeing in Poland This Year

A few dozen exhibitions commemorating the centennial of the Avant-garde movement in Poland, the 80th birthday of a Polish feminist art legend and the opening of the new headquarters of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Here’s a guide to museum and gallery-related events that we are looking forward to in 2017. The Year of Avant-garde An exhibition of the...
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